Server for small businesses all in one turnkey

The server in a small office is designed for companies with up to 10-20 employees. The server will allow you to realize your competitive advantage by reducing the cost of IT services at the startup stage or for the long-term work of a small business. In one solution the size of the system unit of an office computer, you will find absolutely all the services your company needs. Office telephony in the form of Asterisk virtual telephone exchange, domain controller, shared folders for storing files, remote desktops, shared access to 1C databases, and, if necessary, you can host your company’s website on the built-in web server. Server all-in-one for small business


Выгодно! от 45000р.
Profitable! from 45000 rub.
Save hundreds of thousands of rubles. Ask any of our competitors for the cost of a server with a similar set of built-in services and surprise yourself.


Нет необходимости в отдельном помещении для серверной.
No server-room needed
There is no need for a separate room for the server room. The size of the system unit of an office computer is also quiet. Just place it in your office.


Все семь встроенных серверов являются виртуальными.
Virtualization is used
All seven built-in servers are virtual, you can always transfer them without reinstalling to another server.


Companies using our server


Центр занятости г.Рязань



Юридическое сопровождение торгов



Remote server support allows you to save on system administrator visits to your office. Absolutely all issues related to managing this server can be resolved in the remote support mode by connecting via an encrypted VPN channel to the server. The latest versions of the server are implemented on 9th generation intel processors on the VMware ESXI hypervisor platform, a quiet and low-cost server installed in a cozy corner of your small office will last you for many years.
If you still have questions or are not sure of a solution that is right for you, fill out the form and we will contact you. We work transparently, inexpensively and reliably, so the number of our customers in Moscow is constantly growing.



Вы приобретаете настольные IP-телефоны. Мы рекомендуем популярную модель телефонов Yealink SIP-T19 E2.