- Системный интегратор Москва

About the project

The main activity of the project is the study of IT services for business, system integrator services in Moscow, consultation and implementation of technologies necessary at all stages of the production or commercial activities of modern companies. In the flow of the emergence of new technologies on the market, it is important not to lose a guide in making decisions on the purchase, implementation, and, in general, in choosing those or other tools that you will use in the process of your activity, we will be such a guide in your business. Open source solutions when processing tasks are in our priority, firstly, due to the lack of licensing costs, and secondly, such solutions are often superior to their paid counterparts, for example, take PHP and ASP.NET.

Current tasks

Today, we consider the main priority the transition and development of mobility in the IT sphere, this direction has many names: "cloud technologies", "virtual office", "remote office", "mobile office" and so on, but, no matter how we called the tool, the main goal is to discard the stereotypes of the "serf peasant" and, abandoning the unconstitutional obligation to live exclusively by registration :), get freedom to work from anywhere in the world, overcome the barrier "came to work - it means I work" and use all the tools designed studies, especially because all of these tools are already in our hands.


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